Property Protection

Every property is unique and as such every property will require unique security solutions.  Tresspassing, drug use, theft, vandalism, violence, noise violations are just some of the problems commonly faced on properties we provide protection to. These issues can be very problematic deterring tenants, staff, guests and or clients.  For everyone’s peace of mind your property needs to have security measures in place delivering peace of mind and swift security solutions supporting a greater sense of community.


Vojin Property Security Experts

Vojin Security Inc., an established Canadian Security provider, is ideally suited to thwart any of these efforts ensuring owners, residents, clients and welcome guests a well protected investment. We will do so by utilizing our highly effective team members, training techniques and security technology to eliminate these safety and security risks creating a safe and welcoming environment to owners, tenants, staff and visitors alike. Lead by myself as the hands-on owner and our highly experienced team leads, we will use a combination of manpower and technology to deter criminal activity and maintain safety and order to maintain a secure community where visitors and staff feel welcome.


Keeping Your Property Safe

Our number one goal is to be proactive to develop and maintain a calm, safe, inviting environment for property owners, tenants, visitors and staff. We accomplish this goal by employing specialized techniques learned through our proprietary in-house training. Training developed by myself as owner/operator with 17+ years of experience in all areas of Security Service, a lifetime of semi professional and professional team sports and incorporating the Rockefeller Habits into our core business model. Our approach is to create a rapport with everyone we encounter. We humanize ourselves and the person we are interacting with to develop a sense of community. We are fair but firm when encountering any inappropriate situation with the objective to extinguish it quickly with minimum disruption.

What Separates Vojin Security From the Rest?

To ensure that our clients are protected by the best, all of our guards are fully licensed and undergo weekly in-house training sessions to ensure that all skills remain sharp and to review any incidents that may have occurred so that we can better perfect our practice.  Vojin training is compromised from a number of techniques and principles Vojin’s creator learned in his 20 years of experience within the security industry.  Our team is trained to deal with the unique problems that present themselves in your area rather than taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach. These skills will be put to use to protect any and all of your sites and properties.

                Vojin also offers a modern and innovative client/employee portal. Employees are able to clock in, upload reports and access post orders, fire evacuation and emergency plans ensuring that they know exactly how to handle any situation that may occur. Clients are able to access reports in real time, see who is working at their site, receive emergency push notifications, upload special instructions for guards and more.


Your security can’t wait - get started by contacting Vojin today. Include details about your industry, your needs, and your budget, and we will get back to you with a free estimate as soon as possible.

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