24/7 Security Guard Services

Our 24/7 security services offer end-to-end 24-hour protection for your company's personnel and property across Canada with headquarters in Alberta and British Columbia. These services are provided by our expert security management team and implemented by our licensed security guards in your area. Our use of technology including our Client Portal with shift tracking and incident reporting combines perfectly with our age old professional tactics including pressure point manipulation and de-escalation.


24 Hours a Day Security Patrols & Inspections

Get expert security services 24/7, whenever you need it, anytime of the day or night. 24-hour security monitoring is one of the most important features of our comprehensive security services. This will help you detect and intercept any threat to company or residential assets before they become a catastrophe. For all of your 24-hour security guard and property monitoring needs, get in touch with us today to further explore your situation.

Any type of corporate or residential client can benefit from our level of service. Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise to secure your business and keep your customers happy. Contact Vojin Security today!


Flexible & Professional Security Available 24/7

Police officers and security guards are similar in that they monitor and report on security issues in rotating shifts 24 hours a day but security guards have many more variables to consider and interests to protect. Guards employed by security companies, local authorities and private individuals are required to make non arresting and in many cases non violent intervention on security threats when an incident requires it. This job is not a "one-size-fits-all" occupation as the job has to be quoted according to location and client defined goals. This means that security guards will usually have a similar background to their patrol colleagues but must show added restraint and cunning to when working in both private and public situations without arresting authority. That's why our guards are hand selected for their experience, humanity in tense scenarios and specialized training above and beyond the provincial requirements.

Vojin Security Is Ready For Constant Security Monitoring

Whether it’s protecting acts for special events, protecting construction sites at night, or watching a retail store in a vulnerable community, the Vojin Security team is always prepared and ready for 24/7 preventative patrols. In a world where security threats are evolving and the safety of patrons is paramount you can count on Vojin to give you round the clock protection.

Get 24/7 Security Protection

Your security can’t wait - get started by contacting Vojin today. Include details about your industry, your needs, and your budget, and we will get back to you with a free estimate as soon as possible.

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