Best Mobile Security Service In Calgary, Canmore, & Surrounding Areas

Vojin is a dependable provider of mobile security services for Calgary, Canmore, and the surrounding areas. What is mobile security, and why can you trust Vojin to provide the best service?

What Are Mobile Security Services?


To understand the scope of mobile security, let’s differentiate it from static security coverage. Static coverage is when a security professional stays at a specific location during pre scheduled hours, e.g. overnight at a desk in the lobby of a building. Mobile security coverage is for clients who do not need a constant presence or want to augment their static security. The guards will come and go on a set schedule rather than spend an entire day or night in one spot.

Security guardMobile security can support spaces that wouldn’t be helped by static coverage. Our team can do tasks like show up at strategic times while a property is unoccupied, respond to alarms if a client intrusion system is activated, and perform lock-ups where clients are off-site and unavailable.

Regardless of your needs, a Vojin mobile security officer is responsible for visiting and supporting many different sites on any given shift. We make sure to train them properly to make the best decisions on their feet and take effective action should an issue arise.


Why Is Vojin Mobile Security The Best For Calgary, Canmore And Surrounding Areas?


Calgary, Canmore, and the surrounding areas are growing rapidly. It means that a lot of private and public development is taking place to accommodate the number of people, companies, and tourists coming in and out of the area. More and more companies and property owners need strategic, flexible security services that respond quickly and defuse any threats to property and the public. 

Security in storeVojin is the ideal provider of mobile security services for many reasons, but the main one is that we know the area. While we touch communities across the country, Vojin got its start in Canmore. We cut our teeth by providing dependable security details and top-notch customer service to clients in this community and Calgary. 

Knowing the community is one of the essential parts of security. We operate on the idea that future threats are just as crucial as present ones. If someone is belligerent or posing a threat to your building, you want a security officer who considers what they’ll do next. Use too much force or take the wrong approach, and the threat could return to do worse in revenge. 

We train our team to know where to guide people away with calm, clear directives. For instance, should a houseless individual try to occupy the space outside a store with lots of valuables, our security team would know the locations of shelters in the area and steer them there, ensuring they don’t feel ill-will towards the people normally on-site.  

Vojin’s mobile security services team responds quickly, provides thorough reports, and communicates effectively with all clients. Whenever your business requires site-wide security, trust the dependable team at Vojin to provide the best range of mobile patrol services.

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