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Do you want to learn about what Vojin does and how our team does it? The Vojin Security blog is where you can read about the ins and outs of the world of security and private investigation. We’ll give you insights into our philosophy, why we emphasize specific skills, and more about the industry.


What Is A Detail Lead In Private And Executive Protection?

High-quality leadership is necessary for all security services, but especially when a team of guards is working a private and executive protection job. It requires ...
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What Are The Responsibilities Of The Front Right Seat (FRS) In A Security Detail?

When driving, the front passenger seat (front right seat) is one of the most crucial spots for guiding and staying alert. It also gives the ...
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When Is Dynamic Security Used?

We often tout our customer and community-focused services, but from where do these tactics come? While we'd like to take all the credit, Vojin's licensed ...
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What Are The Different Types Of Private Security?

Private security is a very diverse industry, meaning one guard can take on a variety of roles. This doesn’t change how they approach each job: ...
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How Does It Feel To Be A Security Guard?

Security guards play a key role in many different businesses. From construction sites to shopping malls to event management companies, private security services are very ...
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What Separates Vojin From A Regular Security Company?

Vojin Security is different from other security companies, and many organizations around Alberta and B.C. trust our methods for their protection. But it's not enough ...
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