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Vojin Security is proud to add our Client Portal to our services. This security reporting hub gives our clients more control over their security experience. Through this portal, customers can assign Vojin staff to projects, track these projects, and use data to adjust our services to their needs. 

In this Client Portal, you'll find an Advanced Activity Tracker, communication capabilities, and all the data related to your security projects. We're excited to be able to give our clients the ability to take command and get the most out of the Vojin team's expertise!

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Advanced Activity Tracker

The main feature of the Vojin Security Client Portal is the Advanced Activity Tracker. When you assign our staff to projects, the Client Portal will notify them of the assignment via SMS or email. With this tool, our clients can take more control over their security services, letting everyone work to optimize patrols and services with real-world data. Clients may log in and view report details from the project history; Vojin staff can also use it to log their hours. You can even create projects yourself, setting them to recur automatically, so you don't have to worry about scheduling. The Advanced Activity Tracker is how Vojin Security is raising the bar on customer service and transparency, giving clients more peace of mind when it comes to protecting their property.


Securely Hosted Client Data

Your virtual security, much like the security of people and property, is of the utmost importance to the entire Vojin Security team. We made sure that the Client Portal has the highest level of hosting security, meaning you can trust us with the details of your plans and projects.

Client portals ensure the secure exchange of personal information for organizations that have to work remotely, and Vojin Security's is no different! On the Vojin Security website, we provide all clients with a secure entry point that lets them log into a private area. Here, they can view, download, or upload information and see all the data related to their security services. It's how all our clients can stay on top of their security and feel confident knowing that all the plans will stay between the Vojin team and them!

Easy Access Security Portal

The Vojin Security Client Portal is easy to access, making it ideal for your team and ours to coordinate services that meet your needs. Staff may log in to, upload media and text into the project as reporting functions. Depending on the urgency, such uploads will trigger client notifications via SMS or email. Staff may enter hours into the projects and create new projects, even if they are a non-technical member of the staff. Your team can set these projects to automatically recur, ensuring that you get the security service you need, when you need it, and without worry. 

Vojin's secure Client Portal project is built right into our website - you won't need to download any external apps or programs. By setting up this easy-to-access Client Portal, we can make sure that all our customers can see their data, get real-time updates, and communicate directly with the Vojin staff assigned to their project.


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