What Are The Most Common Reasons For Hiring A Private Investigator?

Private investigation is one of the most misunderstood jobs in the security and consulting industry. Contrary to how movies and TV show our profession, it’s not all late-night visits from spouses looking to catch their partners in an affair – private investigators cover almost every industry. 

Clients hire us to investigate accidents and personal injury for insurance purposes, damaged or stolen property, backgrounds and whereabouts of people, and the integrity of organizations. 



What Are Some Of The Common Reasons For Hiring A Private Investigator?

private investigatorOne common reason for hiring our private investigation services is tracking down and finding intentionally or unintentionally missing persons or assets. When someone goes missing, they might be doing it on purpose to avoid people to whom they owe money; they might also be a part of a criminal investigation or court case. While it sounds hard to do in the digital age, even contractor companies – those who accept payment from a homeowner then skip on the work – can effectively disappear. 

Investigations can also look into missing property or assets. It’s common during divorce proceedings when one spouse suspects the other is hiding assets from them or are trying to collect unpaid child support from their ex-partner.

Another popular reason for hiring us is for domestic legal cases. A parent may hire a private investigator to prove that the other parent or guardian is putting the child’s safety at risk or that they aren’t telling the truth to the court. Child custody cases can be an asset to not only the client but also the child and the legal system that is supposed to protect them from harm!

The final most common reason people hire a private investigator is to conduct background checks. These clients may have an interest in or concerns about the integrity, credibility, and financial stability of someone they know. They could be prospective employers, people about to sign business deals, spouses, and lawyers conducting civil or criminal cases. For many of our clients, it’s not personal – when money and reputations are on the line, private investigators can help prevent costly mistakes.


What Does A Private Investigator Do?

It’s important to note that, given the wide range of reasons people hire private investigators, we don’t spend our time sitting in cars conducting surveillance. While looking into a case, our team will collect information, perform interviews and obtain statements, and look into records and reports. Private investigation jobs also require searching the internet and public databases for telephone numbers, new addresses, and employment information. It’s a well-rounded job that requires meticulous research.

Make no mistake – private investigation is a professional job that requires a professional attitude. In Canada, you have to have a license to work as a private or in-house investigator. Different provinces have different standards; in our home province of Alberta, licenses are issued under the Security Services and Investigators Act by Alberta Justice and Solicitor General.

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