What Does A Condominium Security Officer Or Condo Security Concierge Do?

Condominium properties are always at risk of crime. The number of residents and guests who pass in and out of the premises makes a residential community a prime target for problematic behaviour, especially if the area is inadequately guarded. If you hire a condo security officer or concierge for your property, what can you expect?


What Makes Condominium Security Officers So Important?


Condo security officers reduce liability by ensuring that residents and visitors to the property adhere to building policies and local laws, acts, and regulations. They can provide services around the clock to ensure there is always someone supervising the front desk and can assist residents with security concerns at all hours.

To do their job effectively, some of the tasks a security officer must do include: 

  • Knowing and understanding the complete facility layout.
  • Knowing what to do in an emergency and following company policies.
  • Patrolling the premises, including parking lots, to enforce community and towing rules using an effective tour system.
  • Receiving full briefing from the previous officer, completing any designated reports and logbooks daily.
  • Responding to alarms and altercations, reporting all incidents following company policies.

The procedures followed by a condo’s security officer should make for efficient, effective protective policies tailored to the premises. Property managers may find they need condo security around the clock, making sure there is always someone supervising the front desk and can assist residents with security concerns at all hours.


What Does A Condo Security Concierge Do?


In condos, keeping residents safe means more than having muscle on-site. Condo security concierges do a little more than security guards – their focus is on customer service, and they can perform operational tasks that decrease the load on property managers. 

A condo security concierge interacts with all non-resident guests entering the building, verifying that each visitor entering has the proper authorization to do so. They can provide administrative support, serve as a liaison between residents, contractors, and guests, and keep standards high at the condominium. Concierges are also often involved in the booking and administration of amenity rooms and common areas.

They also offer timely responses to incidences. Like all buildings, condominiums can experience power outages, fires, floods, false alarms, and other situations that risk the safety of residents. Concierge personnel will then respond according to standardized procedures laid out for them.

If you’re a property manager looking to hire, it’s important to note what you need. A concierge’s duties, while overlapping with a security officer’s, can be more administrative. A security guard may also have to leave their post to make rounds or to respond to incidents. A condominium can have a position that combines the two; it’s a part to make clear in your company policies!

Regardless of the position, the position should always be staffed by people who are professional, alert, courteous, and neat in appearance. The residents should always know they can turn to them for help – this will help maintain the high-quality image of your premises!

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