What Are The Different Types Of Private Security?

Private security is a very diverse industry, meaning one guard can take on a variety of roles. This doesn’t change how they approach each job: from the emptiest construction site to the most crowded beer festival, security guards always have to be ready to do what’s necessary for the safety of people and property. Here are the five most common types of private security, and why they’re essential to business.

Construction Security

Most development projects and construction sites have to close up at some point during the day. But when the day is over, many of the most valuable objects can’t leave when the workers do. Parked machines, expensive tools, and metal materials are all attractive to thieves. But an empty site is also a target for vandals, vagrants, and other “visitors” who can do a lot of damage. Weather-related damage can also set you back if not promptly reported.

Private construction security deters vandalism and the theft of valuables. Construction services can be customized to your company’s needs, going into business hours too if you want to control who comes onto your site.


Executive Protection

Famous people, CEOs, and other VIPs often need private security protection. This is especially true if they occupy controversial positions, face a lot of threats, are the focus of rabid fan bases, or have industry rivals. Security guards like those at Vojin can give these business executives the protection they need from threatening situations.


Event Security

High-profile events can be a lot of fun, but for private security guards, it’s another day on the job. Events that bring a lot of people together can go smoothly, but they could all use private security. From religious gatherings to food and drink festivals, having outside security keep the gates and circulate through the crowds can help every attendee feel safer.

Private event security guards watch over and protect the premises during an event, looking for signs of disruption, identifying and expelling trespassers, stopping criminals, and reporting suspicious incidents. They can also perform on-site first aid when necessary! 


Lobby Security

A company’s lobby is the main place to make an impression on guests, clients, and tenants. This is why it’s the ideal spot for a highly-visible lobby guard! The lobby or front of a building is also where trained security officers can respond quickly to security violations and control who comes in and out of the building.


Patrol Services

Private patrol services see security officers patrol a business, home, or private neighbourhood at times determined by the client. With a private security company on the premises, it’s much less likely that an unwanted visitor comes onto the property. As well, the security vehicles and the knowledge that the property is being monitored can be enough to deter visitors.

Vojin Security has the knowledge and experience to cover these five areas of private security. With expert de-escalation skills and weekly training sessions to keep these skills fresh, our team is always ready for these tasks!

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