What Are The Responsibilities Of The Front Right Seat (FRS) In A Security Detail?

When driving, the front passenger seat (front right seat) is one of the most crucial spots for guiding and staying alert. It also gives the best view of the surroundings, letting the driver focus on the road instead of scanning its sides. In the security business, we have a name for the position: Front Right Seat. 

What Is The Front Right Seat In A Security Detail?

The Front Right Seat (FRS) in an executive protection security detail is usually occupied by the team leader. This guard sits in the front passenger seat of the car carrying the client (who, in security parlance, is also known as the Principal), and if it’s a convoy, they will be in the front car. While the driver has to stay aware of traffic, the FRS in the security detail keeps their eyes open for any potential threats.

The FRS makes the assignments and updates the rest of the team on schedules, movements, logistics, and more. The guard has to handle all the notifications while the detail is in motion and administrate the logistical operations. Like all members of a security detail team, they must excel at interpersonal relations, recognizing signs of dysfunction, and always be ready to react to dangers that may present themselves. You can see why the FRS position is in place for teams like the American Secret Service.


Is FRS A Mandatory Part Of Security Details?

The FRS position can depend on the requests of the Principal, the number of passengers in their party, and the seating and vehicle requirements. The security details of many government representatives make the FRS position mandatory so the Principal does not have a visible seat. Being in the backseat is also the best position for protecting the client in case of physical threats.

However, in the private sector, these protocols can be followed at a client’s request, meaning the FRS position isn’t mandatory and the Principal ultimately decides on the variables of the detail. If there is an elevated threat level, we may stress the importance of having a security guard in the FRS position and request it rather than the client, their loved one, or another member of their entourage. The FRS position also puts our team in the best spot to open the door and ensure the client stays surrounded as they exit the vehicle.

Having personal protection is a necessary measure for many people who might be at risk due to their celebrity, wealth, employment, or anything that could make them a target. To this end, the FRS is an important part of any security detail, and they will use all their skills to help the Principal stay safe.

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