How Does It Feel To Be A Security Guard?

Security guards play a key role in many different businesses. From construction sites to shopping malls to event management companies, private security services are very important to the safety and stability of many companies. But how does it feel to do the job?

We might be biased, but being in our role feels really good. Here’s how it feels to do a job where there are no average days!


Security Guards Experience A Lot Of Variety

There is a lot of variety in the events and beats of a security guard. Depending on the company that hired our team, what Vojin security personnel have to do can be wildly different; some posts are stationary, while others need our team to circulate through crowds at all times. Days can be very active while night time shifts can be quite peaceful and vice-versa.

This also means that security isn’t typically 9 -5 shifts; it’s a 24/7 kind of service! This gives guards a variety of environments and shift options from which to choose. There are opportunities for night owls and those who like working during the day.


Security Guards Need To Be Ready For Anything

Even if a shift is quiet, one aspect of every assignment is the same: security guards have to be ready for anything. They need to be able to adapt to the different conditions and demands so that they can successfully perform their jobs when action is needed. This feeling of constant readiness means there are few slow hours on the job!

Being quick on their feet means knowing when to apply the right tactics, too. Depending on the incident, security guards have to be able to use common sense, quick thinking, and the right safety measures before a situation can get out of control. 


Security Guards Are Always Learning And Improving

One part of the job often gets overlooked: the need to learn and relearn many different yet important skills. Identifying threats, neutralizing violent behaviour, using handcuffs, knowing the right proportion of force to use – all these skills and more are essential. No matter what the job, security guards have to feel ready to use them. By keeping the professional training continuous, Vojin makes sure our security personnel not only meet industry requirements but exceed them.


Good Security Guards Feel Helpful At All Times

Security isn’t about being a threat – it’s about being a people person! On top of crisis management, customer service and hospitality are integral parts of being a security guard. At an event or during a crisis, people will be looking to them for assistance, so security guards have to be ready to handle it appropriately. 

Besides, dealing with people keeps things interesting! Helping those in need can be extremely rewarding, which leads to the final point.


Being A Security Guard Feels Very Rewarding!

The main task of many security jobs is to protect people and property. The watchful eye of a security guard is enough to deter criminals, prevent incidents, and maintain stability. Shoppers, event-goers, and property owners are often grateful for the mere presence of a security guard, and making them feel safe and comfortable is very rewarding!

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