How Does Professional Property Protection Work?

One of the most common services in the security industry is property protection. Saving on cleaning up any damage that could have been avoided – as well as the peace of mind that comes with a guard on site – makes security services a worthy addition to your property management. 

If you’re thinking of hiring a professional team for property protection, what can you expect?

What’s The Purpose Of Professional Property Protection?

Private and commercial properties are subject to many different threats when they look unguarded: trespassing, vandalism, theft, and drug use are just some of the problems commonly faced by owners, managers, tenants, and guests. Security guards are trained to respond effectively to situations that would otherwise frighten or fluster the average person. 

Professional security guards in charge of property protection stay alert for anything that may mean harm. They must have keen senses and be fully aware of both the external threats and anything internal. 

  • External threats are would-be thieves, drug users, vandals, and anybody who wants to harm the building. Those assigned to property protection security must be fully aware. They have to sense it when someone is trying to break in, open a door, divert the guard’s attention, and interpret quickly whatever he sees.
  • Internal threats come from the building itself. If there is a water breakage, a live wire, a chemical leak, or anything that threatens the building, the guard must also be aware of that.

Regardless of the source of the threat, the security guard is often the first person to detect it. They must sense crisis and act fast to control the situation. How a security guard responds to a crisis varies depending on the treat, but generally, the services are performed much more ably when the guard is professional.


Scaling Up Or Down Depending On Your Needs

For many clients, the property can be too large for just one guard. The number of security personnel required at each site depends on the size and situation. For example, a large building with many floors or units may require several security guards on patrol to handle the traffic coming in and out of the building. A smaller building with only a few units may be fine under the watch of one or two professional guards. 

When considering your needs, take into account factors like the crime rate of the area, the size and number of entrances to your property, security equipment, etc. For everyone’s peace of mind, your property must have security measures in place delivering protection and swift solutions that support both you and the sense of community.


The Vojin Difference

Guarding a property or business isn’t a 9-5 job; every job is unique and will need unique security solutions. Vojin’s professional property protection services meet all our client’s needs, letting them shift when required. The Client Portal, for instance, has shift tracking and incident reporting to combine our vetted professional tactics – including pressure point manipulation and de-escalation – with monitoring available directly to the client.

Our expert security management team supplies end-to-end 24-hour protection for your company’s property, all implemented by our licensed security guards in your area. Professional property protection should be within your control, and with impeccable customer service and the Client Portal, Vojin does this for you!

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