Our Security Method

What makes Vojin Security different from other companies? For starters, we believe that security guards shouldn’t be intimidating until they have to be. For clients across Alberta and British Columbia, Vojin has succeeded through our personal approach and professional de-escalation skills.

The team also believes that discretion, risk assessment, and quick-thinking are the most important skills for a guard to have. Whether it’s event security, personal protection, or private investigation, we apply the same principles across all our services.


The Vojin Security Difference

Vojin’s philosophy is that security should be for the people, not against them. Security shouldn’t have to build a rapport with people – it should come naturally! We want our guards to make a connection with everyone rather than standing off. This way, if we have to get involved, the incident will go more smoothly and without causing more disruptions.

This starts with the uniforms we wear. For most services, our team wears a purple shirt with grey pants - plum and charcoal, to be more precise - and this helps us stand out. Purple has also been shown to be a psychologically calming colour, meaning people who see us are much less likely to view us as a threat.

When it comes to property protection, Vojin Security also holds that the best way to prevent repeat threats is deterring them, if possible, rather than detaining with violence. We try to treat everyone like human beings, working with the community you’re in rather than against it. This way, we take care of threats without inviting retaliation and escalation.

To achieve these aims, we use Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) and Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NVCI).


PPCT and NVCI Training

PPCT training gives our guards the skills to neutralize an aggressive assault using a system of blocks, punches, and kicks and control a hostile subject with a minimal chance of injury. We can expertly check aggressive subjects to de-escalate situations before they can get out of control. It also imparts the skills to know what the right level of force is so that they don’t go too far.

NVCI training to recognize the stages of an escalating crisis. They then put evidence-based techniques to use in a way that appropriately de-escalates a situation. Our team can safely defuse hostile or violent behaviour before it can disrupt an event or cause harm to people and property. This training gives every member of the Vojin Security team decision-making skills they can use to match the level of the response to the risk of the crisis.

Vojin Security Is Ready For Any Job

The skills we use are appropriate for every job. Vojin Security founder Bryan Jordan makes sure every member of the team goes over these skills on a weekly basis. This way, the training never gets stale, and when it comes to physical skills, you always want to be prepared.

Whether it’s protecting acts for a music festival, protecting attendees at said festival, or watching a retail store in a vulnerable community, the Vojin Security team is always prepared. If it’s an event or personal protection job, we want you and your VIPs to be comfortable; if it’s private investigation services you need, we want to get the facts in a discreet manner. Trust Vojin Security to get the job done, no matter what it is!


Your security can’t wait - get started by contacting Vojin today. Include details about your industry, your needs, and your budget, and we will get back to you with a free estimate as soon as possible.

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