NVCI Training

At Vojin Security, all our guards undergo the Alberta Basic Security Training Course in accordance with Provincial law. But we also go above and beyond by having every member become certified in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention or NVCI training.

What is NVCI, and how does this training give our team an advantage?


What Can Vojin Security Do For You?

Vojin Security guards use NVCI training to recognize the stages of an escalating crisis. They then put evidence-based techniques to use in a way that appropriately de-escalates a situation. The skills also help us build a rapport with those in attendance, making it more likely that they’ll turn to our team when a troubling situation arises so we can take care of it.

We do this by:

  • Developing respectful approaches for the benefit of crisis intervention based on the event
  • Identifying the signs of impending violent, disruptive behaviour
  • De-escalating tense situations without the use of violence
  • Intervening safely in a violent situation
  • Improving the confidence and morale of your staff and guests
  • Providing excellent care for individuals

NVCI training focuses on prevention and de-escalation. This way, our guards can safely defuse hostile or violent behaviour before it can disrupt an event or cause harm to people and property. This training gives every member of the Vojin Security team decision-making skills they can use to match the level of the response to the risk of the crisis. NVCI includes focusing on the least-restrictive response to ensure the safety and security of those at a location or event.


Vojin Security: Taking The Right Steps

Vojin Security firmly believes that by combining the right defensive and controlling skills with dignity and respect, we can change how people see and think about security. There is no need to make a situation worse with excess violence; this only increases the chances of escalation and retaliation. It also can scare other attendees, making them intimidated by security rather than seeing them as a helpful, trusting hand.

What Vojin Security Does Differently

Everything Vojin does, whether it’s our NVCI training, our pressure point control tactics, or martial arts, is performed to minimize harm. We even selected our uniforms based on what makes people most comfortable - the plum and charcoal colours help our team stand out while making people feel safe and calm. Instead of seeing security as a threatening presence, attendees and organizers should look for them when something wrong is happening.

Whether it’s a high-end event, a regular retail security job, or personal security to and from a location, Vojin’s commitment to using NVCI ensures that you’ll feel safe with limited liabilities. To give you more peace of mind, know that our team is fully insured up to $2 million in liability, and we are also certified by WCB as mandated by Provincial law.

Vojin Security’s commitment to NVCI is what sets us apart from other firms. We’ll put you at ease, make you and your guests feel secure, and take control of situations that threaten the safety of you and your property.


Your security can’t wait - get started by contacting Vojin today. Include details about your industry, your needs, and your budget, and we will get back to you with a free estimate as soon as possible.

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