PPCT Training

At Vojin Security, all our guards undergo the Alberta Basic Security Training Course as per Provincial law. But we go above and beyond by having in-house weekly training sessions where they go over Pressure Point Control Tactics, or PPCT.

What is PPCT, and how does this training give us an advantage?


Pressure Point Control Tactics

PPCT is the first control system using tactical, legal and medical research. Pressure points on the body can be manipulated in a way that helps a guard gain control over a hostile subject. The PPCT system teaches how to use these in a simple force continuum, giving the guard the skills to use an appropriate level of force for every kind of resistance.

Tactically, the PPCT system addresses the most common types of resistance security guards will encounter. These tactics use finger touch pressure on certain points around the head and neck for controlling your subject. We also learn how to neutralize an aggressive assault using a system of blocks, punches, and kicks. This system is designed to control a subject with a minimal chance of injury.

Learning PPCT helps a guard check aggressive subjects in an easy manner, defusing situations before they can get out of control. It also teaches them the right level of force to use so that they don’t go too far. This training helps all Vojin Security team members go through a course and get weekly refreshers for the benefit of our clients!


Integrating Jiu-Jitsu

While we do everything we can to defuse situations without overtly physical measures, some situations require it. This is why we do weekly martial arts training in the art of jiu-jitsu. This Brazilian self-defence martial art is based on principles of grappling, ground fighting and submission holds. It focuses on the skill of controlling, gaining a dominant position, and using a number of techniques to force an assailant into submission via joint locks or chokeholds.

Jiu-jitsu gives our team the skills to gain control in tight quarters without creating large distractions. It also gives us the skills to prevent threats without causing injury; this is a situation that could lead to bad publicity for you. Making this martial art a key part of our regular training is what makes Vojin Security the right company for your event.

How PPCT Helps Us Stay In Control

We believe that when an authority doesn’t understand the appropriate levels of control they should use, trust suffers. As a security company, Vojin does everything we can to establish control without going overboard to keep your trust. Pressure point control tactics give us the knowledge to apply pressure at certain points to overcome both passive and defensive resistance in a safe manner. These skills are highly effective no matter what the size or strength level of our guard.

PPCT training gives us a wide variety of skills to handle any situation. It lets our team use handcuffs using a method that is the same regardless of the conditions - standing, kneeling or prone - and completing it under three seconds. While the law states that you need to redo these skills every couple of years, we keep our team fresh by including them in weekly sessions.


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