Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Security Service


More and more businesses rely on private security services for video monitoring, mobile security patrols, and on-site guards. Should you be one of them? Hiring a security service for your business or event can prevent threats to employees and customers, save you money, and help you in emergencies. 


  1. Prevent Damage To Property


Security personnel are a visual deterrent of crime. The presence of even one Vojin guard can prevent the likelihood of someone vandalizing or damaging property and inflicting harm. Should someone still try to cause damage or disruptions, the guard can intercept the perpetrator immediately and make sure everyone follows proper protocols.


  1. Create A Safer Environment For The Public


Friendly, authoritative security guards are a welcomed addition to any industry, whether you’re in retail, office rentals, manufacturing, or event planning. Having a dependable security team nearby provides a sense of assurance to employees and customers, letting them go about their day and enjoy amenities without having to worry.


  1. Enhance Customer Service


Security and customer service go well together. Whether it’s defusing an active threat to the public or deterring vandalism, the work focuses on the safety and security of the customer and the general public. Vojin security guards learn how to work with customers and clients rather than taking an aggressive approach that can make them wary.


  1. You’ll Have Trained Personnel On-Site That People Can Trust


People have to trust those responsible for their safety. Vojin guards can find themselves chatting with customers and the public, asking how they are and how they can help. They are also decked out in eye-catching purple so that people know who to turn to for help!


  1. Increased Awareness After Hours


Threats don’t go away when the sun goes down. Having mobility security or a fixed presence on a site can defuse threats and be available to call for emergency personnel. Besides, not all security is about handling threats from people! Having a presence on your property can ensure you know about accidents, broken pipes, and other unexpected damages. 


  1. You’ll Have A Professional On-Site To Handle Security Matters


In an emergency, you and your employees can be overwhelmed by the team of responders: law enforcement, fire department, medical first responders, and other security personnel can all show up. Security guards are well-versed in communicating the situation with these departments, and they can handle the complexities and report clearly to emergency response teams.


  1. Security Services Can Enhance Your Health & Safety


In an emergency, you don’t always have time to wait for the police or EMTs. An officer who knows how to operate an automatic external defibrillator (AED) or perform CPR can make a difference during a health crisis. A security guard can also lend a hand during natural disasters, like ushering people to safety during a fire, tornado, or earthquake.


  1. You want to reduce your insurance premiums


Security signsCompanies have to pay a lot for costly liability insurance premiums, especially if the business sells alcohol, has expensive items for sale or equipment, or has cash on the premises. In these cases, monthly insurance payments will be high. But when you add professional security services to your business or event, you may see a reduction in your insurance premiums.


  1. Keep Safety Standards High During COVID-19


As Canada continues to work through the COVID-19 pandemic, your business needs to keep its doors open. Security guards can ensure that the people entering your business follow the guidelines mandated by governments or your private company, including social distancing, face masks, hand washing and sanitizing, and keeping proper occupancy rates.


  1. Maintain Your Peace Of Mind!


The final reason might be the best: security services take a lot of stress and pressure off you! Professional security guards can handle unpleasant situations you would feel less comfortable handling, protect costly assets, and ensure you can leave the building in good hands. Knowing that you, your business, and your customers are protected can provide peace of mind like nothing else!

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