What Separates Vojin From A Regular Security Company?

Vojin Security is different from other security companies, and many organizations around Alberta and B.C. trust our methods for their protection. But it’s not enough to say you’re different; you have to walk the talk! 

Every member of our team walks the talk, and the Vojin approach to conflict resolution, the use of force, and skills training set us apart.


We Stress Conflict Resolution – Right Down To The Colours


Vojin Security’s philosophy is that security guards should not work against them, but rather with them. In our view, this is the best way to prevent disruptions because it neutralizes potential threats before they become actual threats. We teach every Vojin guard to build connections with people so that if a threatening incident occurs, people will be more likely to turn to our team for help.

This philosophy even extends to the colours we wear. Vojin security guard uniforms are plum and charcoal grey, and we didn’t choose these colours just because they look good (though they do look good); we chose them for psychological reasons! Psychological research shows that purple is a calming colour on the mind and nerves. When people see our team circulating at an event, they are much less likely to view our guards as a threat.


We Stress The Use Of PPCT And NVCI

Rather than be equipped with nothing but pure force, Vojin Security teaches our guards PPCT and NVCI training. PPCT, meaning Pressure Point Control Tactics, are a system of blocks, punches, kicks, and control measures to neutralize human threats with a minimal chance of injury for everyone involved. PPCT also lets us check aggressive subjects so that we can de-escalate situations before they get out of control. It also imparts the skills to know the right level of force so that our guards don’t go too far and compromise you. 

So many security threats aren’t about contact at all; many come down to making the right decisions to match the risk. This keeps everyone safe and reduces the chances of going too far. NVCI or Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training is a system we use to recognize the stages of an escalating crisis. It teaches evidence-based techniques that we use to judge the best way to de-escalate a situation. With NVCI, our team knows how to defuse hostile or violent behaviour before someone causes harm to people and property. 


We Go The Extra Mile On Trainingvojin-handcuffs-body-image

Did you know that, after getting certified to use handcuffs, you need to go through a refresher course every 12 months? While it’s good to keep these skills from going stale, a full year can be a long time for security guards. If not refreshed within shorter periods, the skills can become ineffective right when they need to put them in action.

Vojin makes sure to have weekly refreshers to go over all the necessary skills with regularity. This way, when our security guards have to use their skills, they’re ready without hesitation.

This approach to security is the best way to protect you, your property, and your reputation. A commitment to best practices at every level of the company may not be different from other security companies, but how Vojin Security defines these best practices sets us apart!

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